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I recently began treatmentfor my Rheumatoid arthritis.  As I sat in that big chair, cold room and chemo meds dripping through my arm. My mind was in a thousand places. I reflected on my relationships that worked as well as those that didn't. I thought about how peaceful my soul is because people came in and left out of my life. I thought about how good God is. I asked him for peace and understanding. This time I didn't cut corners instead I stayed and obeyed his course. I try to focus on other things while I'm having treatment other than the obvious.  I had a mini breakdown earlier this year during treatment because I didn't prepare my mind like I usually do. Bad idea! Therefore, this go around I was prepared and in such a better space overall. I don't like it but I know it's for my good. I keep in mind that's it's going to help slow the progression of my disease down. I'm speaking that into existence. I was so grateful that my childhood friend brought me my lunch from my favorite fast food place. I don't allow many people to see me in that state but I know he's someone I can always count on if ever needed for anything. After he left I really reflected on people who has had my back during this long journey. That morning I received phone calls which ended in prayer and some tears of gratefulness. Some beautiful text messages from my Sister Girls that made my day even better. I've always been the giver in relationships.  That's what I live doing, but when it came to me needed things I would always say no thanks I'm OK. I've learned to let people in and I ask for help when I need it (well I'm still working on that part).  I was chatting on FaceTime with another one of my good friends. He always keeps me smiling. Boy oh boy can we talk, for hours and hours and it be good stuff.  Even though we didn't talk too long that particular day. I knew he would put a smile on my face. The good part was I got to watch him workout at the gym (ladies he's fine & single).  Well that's it for now, I want to leave you with this. Protect your PEACE. It will bless every part of your life. THANK ME LATER!!!

Being of Service To Others

Yesterday the Sister Girl Foundation participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Westport Connecticut. Our team, Sister Girls Rock Pink had the honor of walking and celebrating life with Rosetta Howell, who was our HONOREE for the day. To see the look on her face when she saw all the people that came out to support her was priceless and very heartfelt. I'm so appreciative for everyone who came out yesterday to support all those fighting breast cancer as well as supporting those who has courageously lost their battle.

Thankful for His Blessings

On September 18th, 2015 I was Honored at the 100 Women of Color Inaugural Gala held at the Bushnell Theater in Hartford, CT.  I don't even know where to begin because God has been showing me how he rewards his faithful deciples. I've battled with Endometriosis since I was eleven years old. I turned 40 this past February  (Yayyy Me-40/40 Club). During this 28+ years of agony I couldn't see where God was taking me. I rebelled many of days and nights. I felt as if my prayers weren't being answered.

My Yellow

As March dwindles, I'm reflecting on all that has happened during this awesome month. It was so amazing to be a part of history at the very first Worldwide Million Women March for Endometriosis in Washington,  DC.  I shared the experience with my family and we met some amazing women who are now a part of my everyday life. I grew up as the only child and now to have sistets in multiple states and countries is an amazing feeling.  I am forever grateful to the Dr. Nezhats for founding this amazing March

Living Day to Day with Endometriosis & a smile:)

Today has been a great day for me.  I woke up with no pain in sight.  Sometimes it's better to dwell on all the positive in our lives instead of focusing on the negative (pain).  I try to find at least one positve each day to help jumpstart the direction of my day/mood.  Have a pain free night Sister-Girls